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NRES Forms & Procedures

lab workListed below are documents and procedures for instructors and students. 

Any specific questions can be answered by NRES staff, your advisor or university personel. 

Please contact the NRES office for further information. Contact Us


Instructor Needs Request Forms & Procedures:

Note: Equipment and supplies can be requested and scheduled for your labs.

Student Space Request Forms & Procedures:

Listed here are the documents you will use to request space or materials for your labs or projects. 

These documents outline the procedures for use of NRES project spaces and equipment, the general safety rules you are required to follow, steps in obtaining what you need, and expectations of you in using it. 

Any specific questions can be answered by your advisor or NRES Staff.

Fieldtrip Procedures & Forms

field tripNote: All university required forms must be completed prior to a fieldtrip and driving a personal or a state vehicle.

University Fieldtrip Procedures & Forms

Driver Safety & Training

Instructors often use field trips to teach and engage students in activities related to the course. Students may be required to attend field trips outside of normal class periods. These are usually mandatory and require advance planning. Please check with your instructor before formalizing plans. 

Students may also be required to use special equipment, tools or instruments. The instructor will outline all field trip equipment and how to obtain them. Although the course syllabus may contain this information, please follow additional or final instructions mentioned during class.

Your safety is our highest concern. Appropriate apparel should always be worn. Please check with your instructor. Due to their nature, field trips are often conducted away from campus. Travel to and from the field trip may require you to use personal or university transportation. All university required forms must be completed prior to driving your vehicle on a field trip. Please talk to your instructor or contact us for further information.

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cap and tasselStudents have access to CAFES Academic Advisors as well as faculty in their major.

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