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Dr. Lilli Kaarakka

Dr. KaarakkaDr. Lilli Kaarakka

Phone: (805) 756-6378
Office: 181-254

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Dr. Kaarakka's Areas of Focus

Forest Carbon Management · Forest Soils · Silviculture

About Dr. Lilli Kaarakka

Dr. Kaarakka’s research seeks to develop practical solutions for forest management through linking ecological research with silviculture. Her past work has investigated the spatial and temporal effects of human-induced physical and chemical disturbances such as intensive harvesting and water-treatments on boreal forest soil biogeochemistry, vegetation dynamics and tree growth. Her current research focuses on identifying evidence-based environmental solutions for carbon management from the perspective of silviculture and forest soil management, as well as finding ways of connecting practical forest management with carbon offset markets. 

Student comments about Dr. Kaarakka


 - Lots of outdoor labs which I enjoyed and were helpful in honing my measuring skills and visualizing silviculture techniques.

- Instructor is very approachable and encourages classroom participation.

- Dr. Kaarakka clearly knows the material she is lecturing and shows enthusiasm during her lectures. She is considerate of her students and is always willing to work with them on deadlines or course material.

- The professor is very knowledgeable and very helpful

- The strengths of this course were the lab applications of silvicultural methods. Taking another class by this instructor, I've noticed a higher application of material in this course with a distinct emphasis on mimicking situations that foresters may encounter when ascribing management plans. I really

- Enjoyed this class and appreciated the emphasis on forest ecology.

- Dr. Kaarakka found a good balance between teaching and being a respectable professor, while having fun with us.



Selected Publications

Kaarakka, L., Rothey, J., Dee, L.E., 2023. Managing forests for carbon – status of the forest carbon offset markets in the United States. PLOS Climate 2(7): e0000158. 

*Kaarakka, L., Cornett, M., Domke, G., Ontl, T., Dee, L.E., 2021. Improved forest management as a natural climate solution: A review. Ecological solutions and Evidence 3 (2), e12090. *most downloaded and cited in journal 2021—2022.

Titus, B.D., Brown, K., Helmisaari, H-S., Vanguelova, E., Stupak, I., Evans, A., Clarke, C., Guidi, C., Bruckman, V., Varnagiryte-Kabasinskiene, I., Armolaitis, K., de Vries, W., Hirai, K., Kaarakka, L., Hogg, K., Reece, R., 2021. Sustainable forest biomass: a review of current residue harvesting guidelines. Energy, Sustainability and Society 11 (10). 

Kaarakka, L., Smolander, A., Lindroos, A.-J., Nojd, P., Korpela, L., Nieminen, T.M., Helmisaari, H.-S., 2019. Sprinkling infiltration as an artificial groundwater recharge method – Long-term effects on boreal forest soil, tree growth and understory vegetation. Forest Ecology and Management 448, 240–248.

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