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Dr. Jeremy James

Dr. JamesDr. Jeremy James

(Department Head)


Phone: (805) 756-6391
Office: 180-209



Office Hours: Email to schedule Appointment

Areas of Focus

Restoration Ecology · Climate Change · Invasive Plant Ecology

About Dr. Jeremy James

Dr. James received his PhD from UC Davis in Plant Sciences and a BS in Ecology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His teaching interests largely in the areas of natural resource management, ecology and environmental leadership. His research interests are at the intersection of ecological restoration, climate change and invasive plant ecology.

Some current research projects include understanding how to improve restoration of desert steppe and similar dry land systems under a drying climate, how to optimize resistance of native plant communities to invasion by non-native plant species, as well as approaches to scaling up restoration of blue oak savannahs and woodlands. Dr. James encourages inquires from undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in these or related research areas.

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