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Preparing passionate leaders driving change in sustainability and stewardship of the environment.

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Dr. Daniel Johnson

Dr. JohnsonDr. Daniel Johnson

Phone: (805) 756-6064
Office: 180-260




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Dr. Johnson's Areas of Focus

Soil Science

About Dr. Daniel Johnson


Teaching Quality Rating1Teaching quality rating A+

Student comments about the teacher:


Dr. Johnson is so excited about soils that it made me want to listen and learn. He is very clear with assignments and I do believe that he wants all students to succeed. He was always willing to make appointments for office hours and answered all questions there.

Dr. Johnson was so enthusiastic about the course that is was contagious. Each lecture he displayed his knowledge of soils and effectively conveyed that knowledge to us. I enjoyed learning about soils every day from Dr. Johnson.

He is very passionate and wants the students to do well. He loves soils and loves teaching. Very supportive.

Dr. Johnson is extremely passionate about the subject and his area of expertise, making his class a very positive experience. He is very knowledgeable about many facets of natural resources and conservation, and is an advocate for sustainable environmental practices. He can connect with students on a different level because he is still fresh out of college himself, and understands the trials and challenges atypical quarter can bring. His lectures are always informative and well drawn out, and there is virtually no deviation from the course schedule he presents at the beginning of the quarter.

Nobody can make Soil Science more interesting than Dr. Johnson. His enthusiasm slowly spread to everyone in the class and turned a subject that could be extremely mundane into a class I was consistently excited to attend. He also has incredible knowledge about the subject and is able to dumb it down in a way that makes it suitable for a 100 level class which is really helpful as soil science is not something most students go into with much background knowledge. Dr. Johnson does a great job balancing class discussion with lecturing, embracing the social nature of students and turning what could be distracting side conversations into stimulating discussions.


1 Teaching quality rating is based on student teaching evaluations completed by Cal Poly students. A cumulative grand average for all courses taught over the last two years is calculated from responses to the student evaluation question, "Overall, this instructor was educationally effective" that ranges on a scale from 1=Strongly disagree to 5=Strongly agree.

4.5+ A+
4.0 to 4.5 A
3.5 to 4.0 B
3.0 to 3.5 C
Below 3.0 D

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