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NRES Department Scholarship Coordinator

Samantha  Gill

Dr. Samantha Gill

Phone: (805) 756-6205
Office: 180-507

TWO EASY STEPS for Scholarship Application!

  1. Review the scholarships listed on this page.
  2. Scholarship applications are currently closed.

Bartlett Tree Foundation

1 Award(s) of $2,000
Contact: Dr. Samantha Gill
Emphasis: Urban Forestry Class Standing: minimum of 3 quarters left GPA: 2.5
Other Notes: One class in Urban Forestry or Arboriculture Must have filed an Urban forestry concentration

Belveal Award

1 or 2 Award(s) of $100 or more
Emphasis: FNR
Other Notes: Club activity, need preferred. To apply fill out linked application form. Must file a FAFSA

Dr. Arnold Dean Scholarship

1 Award(s) of $1500
Contact: Dr. Samantha Gill
Emphasis: Soil Science Class Standing: must have at least 25 units remaining GPA: 3.60

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Lambert Scholarship

1 Award(s) of $500
Emphasis: SS Class Standing: sophomore or junior GPA: 2.5
Other Notes: Active involvement in Soil and Water Conservation and/or Soil Science Club. Must demonstrate marked improvement in skills as evidenced by increase in GPA for two consecutive quarters.

Lisle R. Green Scholarship

2 Award(s) of $1200
GPA: 3.0
Other Notes: Rangeland Resource minor preferred, then ERSC or SS major. Must file a FAFSA

Mark-Pillsbury Memorial Scholarship

1 Award(s) of $100 or more
Emphasis: FNR Class Standing: undergrad
Other Notes: Complete FAFSA, to apply fill out the linked application. Looking for club involvement.

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Omer L. and Claudia L. King Scholarship

1 Award(s) of $1200
Emphasis: SS or ERSC GPA: 3.0
Other Notes: Must file a FAFSA

Thomas A. Ruehr Honorary Scholarship

1 Award(s) of $1000
Emphasis: SS Class Standing: sophomore, junior, or senior GPA: 2.5
Other Notes: Expressed interest in production agriculture, soil fertility, and plant nutrition, or pursuit of graduate studies.

TJ Frazee Memorial

1 or 2 Award(s) of $1000
Contact: Dr. Gill
Emphasis: FNR Class Standing: sophomore preferred GPA: 2.0
Other Notes: complete the application for NRM scholarships to apply Must file a FAFSA

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