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Sarah  Bisbing

Dr. Sarah Bisbing

Phone: (805) 756-2721
Office: 180-506
Research Gate Teaching quality rating


Areas of Focus

- Forest Ecology

- Silviculture and Forest Management

- Forest and Landscape Genetics

About Dr. Sarah Bisbing

D. Bisbing joined the Cal Poly faculty in Fall 2013. She has a B.S. (2005) and M.S. (2008) in Forestry from the University of Montana and a PhD in Ecology (2013) from Colorado State University. Her research investigates the role that climate, landscape connectivity, and local adaptation play in determining the abundance and distribution of western conifers. She is specifically interested in the ecological, biogeographic, and evolutionary processes that drive demographic patterns and species distributions. Dr. Bisbing’s teaching emphasizes field-based learning, and she is always up for a trip to the mountains. When not teaching and researching, you can her find running, biking, or climbing with the lab mascot, Dawkins the Dog.

Visit Dr. Bisbing's website.

Teaching Quality Rating1 Teaching quality rating

Student comments about the teacher:

Dr. Bisbing is the best instructor I have had at Cal Poly. Her teaching style is straight forward and engaging, and she focuses on big ideas and how they apply in the real world. Her tests are a great measure of knowledge and allow for creative and critical thinking. I alsoappreciate the structure of her labs and the field trips involved with the course. Cal Poly needs more professors like Dr. Bisbing who are modern and have a creative teaching style.

Dr. Bisbing prepares us for the future!  Best teacher in NRES department.

I believe Dr. Bisbing is successful at teaching because she interacts with the class and works off of class participation and input rather than just lectures.  She is also very knowledgeable and was able to speak to a wide variety of topics for the assignments of this class with valuable information.  Others in the NRES department should learn from Dr. Bisbing.

Dr. Bisbing is one of the finest professors at Cal Poly.  Her passion for forestry inspires passion in her students.

Dr. B makes her lectures incredibly interesting and thought provoking.  She includes real world examples that are actually applicable.  She encourages class participation a lot more than most of my other professors.

1 Teaching quality rating is based on student teaching evaluations completed by Cal Poly students. A cumulative grand average for all courses taught over the last two years is calculated from responses to the student evaluation question, "Overall, this instructor was educationally effective" that ranges on a scale from 1=Strongly disagree to 5=Strongly agree.

Avg. Score Rating
4.0 to 4.5A
3.5 to 4.0B
3.0 to 3.5C
Below 3.0D